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Vibration monitoring equipment


Vibration Monitoring, Condition Assessments

It doesn't matter if your project is taking place in a bustling city, or a quite rural area with sensitive infrastructure, AllRock provides surveys, studies and monitoring to protect all stakeholders in a project including those not directly involved.


AllRock has provided vibration monitoring in Toronto’s bustling downtown core, blast monitoring in Newfoundland’s rocky landscape, and pre-blast surveys in the GTA residential neighborhoods.

Vibration Monitoring services include but are not limited to;

• Vibration Monitoring, Analyses & Studies

• Vibration Zone of Influence (ZOI)

• Noise Monitoring and Studies

• Pre-Construction Condition Surveys

• Post-Construction Condition Surveys

• Pre-Blast Surveys

• Blast Monitoring

• Seismic Monitoring

• Foundation Crack Monitoring

• Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan (GIMP)

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