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Geotechnical investigations underway


Geotechnical Engineering

AllRock’s geotechnical engineers in Toronto and Newfoundland and Labrador work with clients from the pre-construction phases of a project to discover and examine what lies beneath their construction project.


Our geotechnical engineers collaborate with clients during the design phases to ensure that they have all the geotechnical information needed to complete a successful project. This information allows projects to be completed on time and on budget, by working through problems upfront, rather than during construction. AllRock has provided geotechnical services on projects including geotechnical investigations in St. John’s, PDA testing in Toronto, and geotechnical investigations in the GTA.

Geotechnical Engineering services include but are not limited to;

● Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering

● Geotechnical Site Investigation

● Pavement Assessment and Design

● Pile Design, Pile Inspection and Testing, Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) testing

● Caisson Pile Inspection & Subgrade Soil Inspections

● Bearing Capacity Evaluations

● Slope Stability Assessments

● Soil Improvements Analysis and Design

● Retaining Structure Design & Analysis

● Shoring Structure Design, Analysis & Stability Assessments

● Reinforced Earth Structure Design

● Construction Geotechnical Monitoring and Supervision

● Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control

● Foundation Crack Monitoring

● Rock Bolt Pull-Out Test

● Groundwater Investigation & Monitoring

● Settlement Monitoring

● Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan (GIMP)

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