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Slump test during construction phase


Concrete Testing & Concrete Mix Design

Construction Workers

Cast-in-place, Pre-cast & Pre-stressed Concrete. AllRock’s team of concrete testers in Toronto and throughout Newfoundland have provided testing services on hundreds of projects since the company began.


Concrete testing is an important part of any construction project to verify the quality of the concrete used in your project. Whether it is a simple slump test in the GTA, a concrete mix design in St. John’s, or concrete testing in Labrador for a winter construction project, AllRock’s technicians provide results that can trusted and relied upon to make decisions.

Concrete Testing & Concrete Mix Design services include but are not limited to;

• Concrete Mix Designs

• Concrete Materials Acceptance Testing

• Batch Plant Inspection

• Field Quality Control/Quality Assurance Testing

• Slump Testing

• Air Content Testing/Air Void Determination

• Hardened Air Void Analysis (HVA)

• Chloride Ion Content/Chloride-ion Determination

• Rapid Chloride Permeability (RCP)

• Grout and Mortar Testing

• Concrete Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing (UCS)

• Grout/Mortar Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing (UCS)

• Concrete Coring Services

• Concrete Condition Assessments

• Microscope Examinations

• Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning

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