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Asphalt Testing, Pavement Design & Mix Designs

At AllRock, we know how crucial it is to ensure the quality of the asphalt you're using for your construction project. That's why we offer reliable asphalt testing services both in the field and laboratory so that you can be confident in the materials you have.


Whether you're in Toronto and need asphalt testing for a small parking lot, mobile laboratory asphalt testing services for a major highway rehabilitation in Central Newfoundland, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area for various road projects, AllRock produces results you can rely on to make decisions about your paving project.

At AllRock, we are committed to providing you with clear, reliable results so that you can make informed decisions about your paving projects. You can count on us to ensure the quality and durability of your asphalt materials, no matter the size or location of your project. Your satisfaction and the success of your project are our top priorities. Contact us and get in touch today with details about your project.

Ahphalt Testing & Design services include but are not limited to;

• Asphalt Mix Design

• Mix Compliance Testing (Superpave & Marshall Methods)

• Asphalt Placement Inspections

• Batch Plant Inspections

• Materials Acceptance Testing

• Asphalt Coring Services

• Asphalt/Pavement Condition Assessments

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