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Samples being collected for soil testing


Soil Testing, Earthworks & Aggregates Testing

Based in Ottawa, Toronto and across Newfoundland and Labrador, AllRock specializes in soil testing, with examples including compaction testing in St. John’s for a new electrical substation. 

Earthworks QA/QC monitoring and aggregate testing also make up a core part of AllRock’s business. AllRock has experience with a variety of related projects, including proctor testing in Toronto for an earthworks project, or soil testing in the GTA for a private developer. Regardless of the type of project, we promise reliability and customer service.


Soil Testing, Earthworks Monitoring & Aggregates Testing services include:

• Compaction Testing & Control (Nuclear Density Gauge)

• Spread Footing subgrade Inspection

• Trench and Footing Pour Inspection

• Deep Footing Inspection & Testing

• Materials Acceptance Testing

• Gradation Analysis (Sieve & Hydrometer method)

• Moisture-Density Relationship Analysis (Proctor test & Modified Proctor test)

• Atterberg Limits

• Los Angeles Abrasion

• Micro Deval

• Clay Lumps

• Absorption

• Petrographic Number

• Freeze-Thaw Testing

• Sulphate Soundness

• Flat & Elongated

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