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Ensuring Stable Foundations for our Communities

Welcome to AllRock Consulting Limited, where our reputation for dependable customer service and unwavering expertise in Geotechnical, Materials, and Environmental Engineering precedes us. With a committed team comprising technologists, engineers, and project managers, we are dedicated to addressing design, construction, and rehabilitation challenges that impact the communities we serve and call home.

Recognizing that infrastructure projects thrive on collaborative effort, we engage with all stakeholders from project inception. Our focus is simple: to deliver results and contribute to the creation of high-quality infrastructure nationwide.

At the heart of AllRock are our core values: Teamwork, Growth, Trust, and Diversity.

Our mission is clear: to ensure sustainable infrastructure by providing practical expertise and innovative solutions in Geotechnical, Materials, and Environmental Engineering.

Our vision drives us forward: to redefine industry standards through relentless innovation.


Join us in shaping the future of engineering excellence.

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Ready to kickstart your project? Look no further! Click the button below to request a quick quote and discover how our expert team can meet your geotechnical, material or your environmental needs with precision and efficiency.


Whether you're planning a large-scale infrastructure project or need assistance with materials testing, we're here to help you every step of the way. Let's turn your vision into reality together!

Geotechnical, Materials & Environmental

Machine drilling bore holes in quarry for soil testing

Core Values





Geotechnical engineers at work on construction site


Professional. Reliable.

At AllRock Consulting, our clients recognize that every member of our team shares a common goal: to provide reliable service and ensure customer satisfaction. Through the principles of teamwork, growth, trust, and diversity, we cultivate an environment where collaboration thrives, enabling us to deliver exceptional results. Rest assured, throughout every phase of your project, you can rely on our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction and success.


Projects Completed


Comprehensive Engineering Services Tailored to Your Needs

At AllRock Consulting, our team of expert engineers is dedicated to serving clients across Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland & Labrador. From the initial pre-construction phase through to project completion, we provide thorough analysis and insights into the subsurface conditions of your construction site, ensuring a solid foundation for your project's success.

Our services include:
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Soil, Earthworks, & Aggregates Testing
• Concrete Testing & Concrete Mix Design
• Asphalt Testing, Pavement Design & Mix Designs
• Building Sciences
• Vibration Monitoring, Condition Assessments
• Environmental

Learn more about AllRock's industry experience across our geotechnical services.


Scott Allen
P. Eng


Ashlee Gerlock

Business Manager

Greg Davidson
P. Eng

VP- Geotechnical Lead
Ottawa, ON

Nick Groves

Project Manager
St. John's, NL

Professional Engineers Ontario
NLCA Member
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